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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most common questions people asked

when applying for a medical cranial prosthesis (wig).


  • What is the process?

The process to obtain a free wig is quite simple. First, click here for the online application complete and submit. We will get back to you within a few days regarding your eligibility. Next, call us and schedule a consultation appointment 561-683-1000.

  • How do you determine my eligibility?

To be eligible for assistance to obtain a free wig you must have a medical diagnosis confirmed by a healthcare professional, be in active treatment for the condition, reside in Palm Beach County, and meet income limit guidelines.


  • Will I receive my wig the same day as my consultation appointment?

If your hair loss has begun and you are ready to wear the wig at this time, you may leave with it, if it is in stock. We may need to order the wig but it should be available in approximately one week.


  • I haven’t lost all of my hair, would a topper or extensions work instead of a wig?

In some cases a topper may be an option, this would be determined during the consultation with our wig consultant.


  • Will it be difficult to care for my wig?

This is very simple and we will walk you through the care and maintenance of your new hair prior to leaving with it.


  • Do you help children with medical cranial prostheses?

Yes. Some children will fit a petite sized wig. There are also children sized wigs available to choose from.  We are an affiliate with Wigs For Kids and can guide you through the application process with them if your child is interested in a human hair wig.

  • When will my hair grow back?

It is best to ask your healthcare provider about how long it will take for your hair to grow back. It can vary per person and may depend on the type and length of treatments.

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